26 Strategies For Misophonia Relief Guidebook

Season #3

It's HERE! My FREE 26 Strategies For Misophonia Relief Guidebook. This is THE most valuable resource for the misophonia community and I'm so excited you can now get your hands on it! Go to https://home.rewiremisophonia.com/26-relief-guide-pod to grab your digital copy!

And tune into today's episode to get a sneak peek at some of the strategies inside...

3:46 - Become An Observer of Your Thoughts

7:58 - Interrupt The Pattern

9:51 - Turn It Into A Game

12:23 - Reprogram The Mind

14:31 - Coping Mechanisms If Needed

Get The Guidebook: https://home.rewiremisophonia.com/26-relief-guide-pod

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